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What is a Bail Bond Exoneration?

What is Kansas Bail Bond Exoneration? When someone is arrested and taken to a police station the officers fingerprint them and then one of two things can happen. The individual can be released on their own with the responsibility to return for the court...

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What Does It Mean to Cosign a Bond?

What Does it Mean to Cosign a Wichita Bail Bond? When a person has been arrested for a crime, the judge will often issue a bond in order to make sure that person comes back and attends court hearings. Otherwise, the accused person would have to wait in...

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Bond Amount Vs. Premium

Bail Bond Amount Vs. Bail Premium What do you do if you are charged with a crime and need bail money to stay out of jail? Call Big Mike's of Wichita. Sometimes a large Wichita bond amount is scary! Never fear! Big Mike's Bail Bonds offers simple low rate...

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Finished My Case | Do I Still Pay My Bail Premium?

Once arrested in Wichita, you will have the opportunity to make bail. Depending on the charge, bail fees vary. Fees run anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Bondmen act as a surety, meaning they will guarantee you...

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