Finding The Right Wichita Bail Bondsman

When you are trying to get someone out of jail, you need a reliable company. Someone that answers the phone when you call and can make themselves available to you. Finding a company that has been doing this for years and understands how the system works. And yes, we hear the things that people say about other bondsmen. So we want to help give you some advice on how to find the right bail Wichita bail bondsman.

Pay Attention To The Fees

You may be under the impression that bail bond premiums are 10% of the face value of the bond. For example, $10,000 in bail should cost $1,000 for a bond right? Typically, yes. But this is not always the case. In some courts, if a defendant has multiple charges, they will have multiple bond amounts. And sometimes those do not always equal 10% in premium. Let’s say John get’s a $350 bond for public intoxication and the bail bondsman charges you $100 to post his bond. That is because the bondsman has to pay fees on that bond as well and sometimes those fees are greater than 10%
Or maybe the bondsman wants to charge 15% or 20% to do a bond, it could be because the defendant is considered a flight risk. So there are always many factors to consider when a bondsman is charging for a bond.

Bail Bonds Associations

Most states have bail bonds associations and upstanding bondsmen will be a part of those associations. You can fond out if the one you are talking to is in good standing by checking with the local bail association in your state.

Good Ol Google Reviews

Yes, these are extremely helpful in finding a company you can trust. Beware though, that in 2020 people do like to leave terrible reviews simply to hurt people even if they are not patrons of that business. Bail Bondsman are no exception to this. The clients that we have helped are over joyed with the service they have gotten. But not every bad review means the bondsman did something wrong. Maybe that person ran from court and was put back in jail. Or maybe they didn’t want to pay the bondsman and still owe money for being released from jail. Bondsmen can make easy targets online, so you can’t always trust what you read.
If you or a loved one need bail in Wichita, call Big Mike’s Bail Bonds today and let us help you work through this process. We are available 24 hours a day and can answer any question you have about bail bonds.
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