Sedgwick County Jail

The Sedgwick County Jail located in Wichita, Kansas houses inmates for both misdemeanor and felony offenses. These defendants will have their charges and bonds set by the judge assigned to the case. The judge also controls whether or not there are additional conditions to the release of the defendant. Bail bond amounts may vary based on the type of offense alleged.

How Bail Is Set

The online system is set up to show the charges and bond amounts on one line. The software used by the Sedgwick County Jail requires that a dollar amount be listed. In some cases that means it will show a $0 amount. This does not mean that the defendant does not have a bond. In some cases it means that bond has not been set yet or there are multiple charges listed.

In some cases defendants may not bond out. Some of the inmates may be serving time, some may be waiting extradition to another facility, and some may have very serious charges that do not allow for a bond. So not everyone that is arrested can bond out of jail. Defendants that are not bondable include

  • State arrest and detain orders
  • Parole Violations
  • Juvenile holds
  • Juvenile warrants
  • Waiting for transfer to another facility


Sedgwick COunty Jail

Types Of Bail Bonds

There are three different types of bond categories.

Cash Only Bonds – You can pay cash for any bond. However, charges such as child support and unpaid fines may be set as cash only by the presiding judge. This means that you cannot use a bondsman and the amount must be paid in full. If the amount is over ten thousand dollars ($10,000), you must fill out an IRS form provided by the Sedgwick County Jail. Cash bonds are non-refundable and a receipt is only made to the person paying the bond.

Own Recognizance (OR) – There are some inmates who may be released without having to pay for a bond. They will sign a document stating that they promise to appear in court at a pre-set day and time. Not all defendants qualify. To be eligible for an OR bond the defendant must

  • Be a resident of Sedgwick, Harvey, Butler, Sumner, Reno or Kingman counties
  • Be booked in under their legal name
  • Be sober after a DUI for a period of 4 hours

In all cases, the booking sergeant can deny an OR bond or approve it if all the right conditions are met. There is no charge for an OR release.

Surety Bonds – Defendants booked with charges under surety bonds only have 2 options. They can either pay the full amount of the bond in cash to the jail or use a bail bondsman. If you use a bail bondsman, you can often pay 10% or less of the bond amount to secure a release. This is a civil contract between you and the bondsman and has nothing to do with the Sedgwick County Detention Center. Bail bond fees are usually non-refundable.

Special Cases

Under certain circumstances, other conditions must be met before a defendant is allowed to post bond.

Domestic Violence – Those charged with domestic violence must be held for a court ordered cooling off period. This period of time can be different depending on the jail. Domestic Violence charges do not qualify for an OR release.

Out Of State Warrants – Defendants being held on out-of-state warrants must have their bond set by an 18th Judicial District Court Judge.

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