What Happens When Someone Skips Court?

After someone has been arrested and charged with a crime, they may have the ability to bond out of jail. Bail is set by a judge usually the day following the arrest. This amount is used to guarantee the person will reappear in court. Bail bondmen may have a few requirements to qualify someone for a bond before writing it. This may be anything from a cosigner with employment, how much the fee is, and collateral depending on the size of the bond and the risk involved. Once the defendant has seen the judge and the bond is set, they will also be given a court date. But what happens when someone skips court?

Failure To Appear

The first thing that happens when someone misses court is a warrant issued for their arrest. The amount of this warrant is usually double or triple what the original amount was. This failure to appear bench warrant may also be coupled with additional charges for bail jumping. This is a felony charge in most states and carries a mandatory minimum sentence.
The next thing that happens may be a lawsuit. The cosigners on the bond a responsible for the defendant to appear in court. If they do not, the cosigner is responsible for the face value of the bond. Cosigners act as indemnitors to protect bail bond companies from suffering losses and going out of business. Arrangements may be made with the bail bond company to pay this amount.

Return To Custody

The only way to prevent the cosigner and the bail bond company from having to pay the bond is by returning the defendant to custody. This may mean going back to jail, or simply reappearing before a judge to get the warrant recalled and the court date reset. After all, accidents do happen. However, if the defendant insists on running, bounty hunters a.k.a. bail enforcers may be hired to make the arrest. These individuals have no jurisdiction and may be able to cross state lines to recover the defendant.

It’s Better To Just Go To Court

There are very rare instances where a failure to appear is acceptable. Hospitalization, funerals, and other instances may be accepted by the court. However, you should consult with an attorney and your bail bondsman before your court appearance so that the court can be notified. Your absence may be excused with the proper people on your side. For more information, call Big Mike’s Bail Bonds today.
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