Can You Bail Someone Out Without Money?

The short answer is yes, though it is not that simple. Because bail bond companies are privately owned small businesses, any number of arrangements can be made. There are factors that will be considered in making this agreement tho such as court appearances, work history, and stable income. In many cases, bondsman will take collateral to secure a bond, but no in lieu of payment. This is because for every bond we post, there are costs associated with it. And we have to keep our business running as well.

Can You Bail Someone Out With A Credit Card?

While often referred to as “cash bail”, that does not mean that the only method of payment is cash. If you are looking to bond out a friend or loved one, many bail bonds companies in Kansas do accept cards as payment. It is often not possible for defendants to bond themselves out of jail with a credit card as a cosigner may still be required. But you may discuss this with your bondsman.

Bonding Yourself Out

If you do not have a cosigner, you may be required to pay a higher premium, or the entire face value of the bond. That is because without a cosigner, also known as an indemnitor, we do not have the same insurance for your appearance in court. However, a portion of that premium may be returned to you once you complete your case. You will want to discuss this with a professional bail bondsman in Kansas.

Other Bail Options

In some cases, personal recognizance bonds may be given by the judge. This means that you sign a promise to appear document with the court in exchange for your release. These are very rare though, as judges have higher risk assessments and qualifications than most bail bondsmen do.

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