4 Things A Bondsman Can Help You With

Big Mike’s Bail Bonds can do a lot more for you than just get you out of jail. There are many facets of this industry that people don’t often think about. This leads to us being able to provide you with better service. If you or a loved one are in trouble, have been in the past, worried you might be in the future, then let us show you these 4 things a bondsman can help you with and additional services we can provide.

Warrant Checks

Kind of an important thing to know right? Whether or not you have a warrant. In many cases a defendant may be arrested and have warrants in other counties. This can cause complications in the bail bond process if those counties wish to place a hold on the defendant for extradition. Alternatively, checking for warrants before an arrest has added benefits. Not only can we help you clear them up, we can tell you what it’s for, how much the bond is ahead of time, and begin preparing paperwork in advance. This reduces the amount of time you would be sitting in jail, saves your family all of the time of finding a bondsman, filling out paperwork, driving all over, etc.

Communication With The Jail

When someone is arrested, they are limited to collect calls from within the jail. Most cell phones cannot receive collect calls, forcing you to spend ridiculous amounts of money with third party telecom services just to talk to someone. Bail Bondsmen will accept collect calls and speak directly to inmates. So if you have questions such as, “Does (defendants name here) have money stashed away somewhere that I can use for bail?” We can ask them for you.

Attorney Recommendations

In the vast majority of cases, the law presumes that if you can post a bail bond, you can afford an attorney. One thing for sure is that if you are arrested you WILL have a court date. The judge will let you know if you absolutely have to hire a lawyer, and if you do, chances are your bondsman knows a few good ones. We work with lawyers day in and day out, so it is fair to assume that we know which ones would be good for specific cases. For instance, Lawyer A may be better at drug cases than Lawyer B who is better at violent crimes.

Also, some attorneys office’s will accept collect calls from the jail as well, and you may be able to speak with them that way.

Meet Up Spots

In some cases, we may be able to travel to you or meet you halfway to do paperwork. It can take hours for an inmate to be released and this prevents you from traveling further than you need to before they are ready. It also gives you a more confidential way of posting a bail bond for someone. After all, going to jail isn’t really something to brag about. We also have online applications that help you transmit information to us sooner and set up payments as well.

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If you have any questions about the bail bond process or what we can do for you, please let us know. We are available 24/7 to help you through what can be a very stressful situation. Call Big Mike’s Bail Bonds now.

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