When we fail to appear for court, when grand juries find probable cause or when district attorneys are presented with evidence of a crime, arrest warrants are issued by judges. But, what happens when an arrest warrant has been issued?

Warrants after Federal Indictment

With Federal and some state prosecutions, judges issue arrest warrants based upon the recommendation of a grand jury. In fact, the judge does not need to find probable cause in these instances because the grand jury has already established probable cause.

Warrants Derived from Criminal Complaint

In Oklahoma, prosecutors present evidence to a judge who, in turn, decides whether or not there is probable cause to issue an arrest warrant. Typically, prosecutors will not present facts to judges that do not amount to probable cause. But, when they do, judges are generally adept at reminding the prosecutor of his or her mistake.

Bench Warrants

When we are on the docket for a criminal offense, we are required by law to attend court. And so, if you fail to appear, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. Bench warrants are issued when the judge has firsthand knowledge of the accused violating the law or the criminal process.

How to Determine if You Have a Warrant for Your Arrest

If you want to know if you have an arrest warrant in the state of Kansas, you may be able to access that information online. Additionally, you may call the county court clerk. If you find that you have a warrant, do not delay in dealing with it. Certainly, the next time you run into a law enforcement officer you will be arrested.

What to Do if a Warrant Has Been Issued for Your Arrest

When you find that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, the best thing you can do is find a friendly local bondsman to do warrant surrender for you. If you have a warrant for your arrest, contact Big Mike’s Bail Bonds. Kansas’ most compassionate bail bonds professionals are ready to serve you.

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