When Will I See A Judge?

The first time that you see a judge will be during your arraignment. Arraignment is the hearing in which you are formally charged with a crime. The judge informs you that you have the right to hire an attorney to represent you, and you will enter your plea to the charges. Also during the arraignment, the judge determines your bond set and informs you of the conditions that you must meet to remain free on bond.

The Kansas Bail Bond Process

The court will bond set so that you appear in court when ordered. When you bond out of jail, someone has to co-sign an indemnity agreement. If you do not show up on that date, your co-signers are on the hook for your bond amount. This encourages judges to set bail amounts in accordance with the offense to ensure your appearance. Accused offenders are more likely to attend their hearings when the bail amount is too much for them to lose.

Make Sure You Get To Court

As part of the Kansas bail bond process, you will be given a court date upon your release. Make sure that you appear at this court date and every one given thereafter until your case is over. Failure to appear can result in more warrants being issued for your arrest and huge financial burdens for your cosigners. 

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