The judge has set your bond. Is it ever possible to “Get Out of Jail Free” in Wichita?

Out of Jail Free? Like Not… But Maybe So

If the judge has set a bond amount to secure your release, you will need to put up the full amount of the bond with cash or real property or HIRE A BONDSMAN. Many people do not have hordes of cash in the sock drawer. As a result, hiring a bondsman is a common practice.

While there may not be a method for “getting out of jail free”, some bondsman do offer simple bail bond financing.

Bail Financing: Not Free But Close

As mentioned, some Wichita bondsman offer simple bail bond financing with LOW DOWN PAYMENTS. Bail bond financing may sound a bit scary. You may be thinking “I bet they’re going to charge some HIGH interest to finance my bail. Not at Big Mike Bail Bonds! We never charge interest or any finance fees.

We welcome your request for a free bail bond. We may not be able to offer FREE BAIL but we’ll do what we can make your bail bond fee more affordable.

Our Bail Bond Rates

Need some simple financing for your bail bond? Give us a call. Big Mike’s Bail Bonds looks forward to helping reduce your up-front cost. Cal Big Mike’s Bail Bonds today.

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