Bail Bond Amount Vs. Bail Premium

What do you do if you are charged with a crime and need bail money to stay out of jail? Call Big Mike’s of Wichita. Sometimes a large Wichita bond amount is scary! Never fear! Big Mike’s Bail Bonds offers simple low rate bail bonds fees and simple financing for qualified bail bonds.

If you or someone you know has just one option – pay the bail money (known as the bond amount charged set by the court) or get behind bars – then you know how serious and threatening this situation can be. In the United States, if someone is charged with a crime, he or she might call for the services of a bail bondsman, who will pledge money (called a premium) for the accused to appear in court at the stated time. For this service, the bondsman will generally charge a nonrefundable fee, such as 10-15%. If the defendant does not appear in court as ordered, the bondsman is generally allowed, by law, to find and bring in the missing person.

Professional Wichita Bail Bonds

If you live in Wichita and need the services of a bail bondsman, make a call to Big Mike’s Bail Bonds. With more than 10 years in the business, we know how upsetting the prospect of jail for you or a loved one can be. That is why we guarantee our process to be as quick, uncomplicated, and as cheap as possible. That is also why we make sure than our people who serve you have a full understanding of the state’s judicial system and full knowledge of the state’s bail bond system.

No one wants the prospect of jail and no one wants to need a bondsman, but if you’re faced with both, call Big Mike’s Bail Bonds. Let us discuss the bond amount and the premium charged. We guarantee our knowledge of the bail bond system, and we guarantee the best possible service for you.

Are you faced with jail? Do you need money? If so, call Big Mike’s Bail Bonds because we can help.

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