0% Financing

Certainly, the last thing we want is to know that someone we love is in jail and we can not pay the bail. But, every day courts set bond amounts that are difficult for individuals and families to afford. That is why, in certain circumstances, we offer 0% financing. 

Why Do We Offer Simple Payment Plans?

There are many reasons a bail bonding company offers simple financing. To begin, bail is not often cheap. Further, most clients cannot afford the full amount up front. Meanwhile, they are stuck in jail with no ability to earn a wage. And so, with a large enough down payment, many bail bonds companies will allow you to finance your bail. In other words, some bail bond companies are willing to work with you. Why do we offer payment plans? Without them, most of our clients would just sit in jail.

Above all, bail can be expensive. As a result, most guys and gals need to be extended a little credit. Given time, the majority are able to return to work. Thus, they are able to meet their financial obligation. For the most part, clients need a few months to pay off their balances. After all, bail is just one of many legal expenses they may have.

A person stuck in jail cannot work. In addition, he or she cannot fairly prepare for trial. With this in mind, we offer payment arrangements in order to better serve our clients. The vast majority of the time, both parties benefit. However, there is a catch. It’s important to remember, missed payments often result in return to jail.

Down Payment and Security

Certainly, bondsmen are not doing charity work. However, the best bondsmen do have hearts. So long as you do your part, an understanding Wichita bondsman will work with you. We get it; 0% financing is the only option for some. Making payments or paying in full, collateral may be required. Conveniently, automatic payments can be set up. In the event that a payment may be late, always contact or visit your bondsman as soon as you can.

If you have a loved one in jail, contact our team of professional bail bondsmen at Big Mike’s Bail Bonds now.

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